metal decking sheets​


Metal Deck Profile Sheets for steel buildings are manufactured from Cold Roll FormedSteel. Composite Deck Slab is steel cum concrete slab having ribbed steel profile at the bottom & concrete on top, together forming a part of the floor/ roof structure called the composite deck slab. The composite floor profile offers the ultimate in the light weight steel decking which reduce the concrete usage to provide a cost effective and alternative floor solution that is easy to install. The floor is constituted by a profile sheet on to which a layer of concrete is poured. The sheet is bonded to concrete by means of mouldings on the sheet which stop the concrete from slipping horizontally and detaching vertically. When the concrete is poured and until it has reached an appropriate level of hardening, the weights of the concrete, personnel working and equipment used in borne by the sheet alone. Once the concrete has hardened the sheet and concrete form a unified bond with all the characteristics of traditional reinforced concrete, where the sheet, after having performed the function of framework, acts as a metal reinforcement. Appropriate crops ends must be provided to absorb the negative moments.

Composite Decking Sheet

Composite Decking Design

Composite Decking Sheet

Inner Non Composite Sheet

Application Areas

Multi-storey Buildings(Industrial/Residential)

Shopping malls

Mezzanine Floors




Technical Specifications

High tensile structural grade steel

Coating Mass 120, 180 & 275 GSM

Coating Standard IS : 277

Yield Strength 240 MPA


Light weight. Doesn’t require any support, which considerably reduces the use of concrete & slab thickness.

Acts as composite member and as permanent shuttering.

No major reinforcement required.

Deck can be used as a working platform during construction.

Speedy construction enables faster completion of a project.

Decking reduces the construction time, hence the total cost.