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Composite Decking Sheet

Composite decking sheets, available at our roofing supply store in vizag, consist of a combination of steel and concrete, providing exceptional strength and durability. These sheets are widely used in steel buildings and structures as part of the floor/roof system, forming a composite deck slab. The composite profile offers a lightweight solution that reduces concrete usage and provides cost-effective alternatives for construction projects.

Inner Non Composite Sheet

Application Areas

Multi-storey Buildings(Industrial/Residential)

Shopping malls

Mezzanine Floors




Technical Specifications

Material: High tensile structural grade steel

Coating Mass: 120, 180 & 275 GSM

Coating Standard is: 277

Yield Strength: 240 MPA


Composite decking sheets offer numerous benefits, such as:

Lightweight: Does not require additional support, reducing concrete usage and slab thickness.

Acts as Composite Member: Functions as permanent shuttering and eliminates the need for major reinforcement.

Versatility: Can be used as a working platform during construction.

Speedy Construction: Facilitates faster project completion due to reduced construction time.

Cost-Effective: Reduces total project cost by minimizing construction time and material usage.


Composite decking sheets are connected to the supporting structure using appropriate fastening methods, ensuring structural integrity and stability. The connections must be carefully designed to absorb negative moments and provide a secure attachment between the sheets and the supporting framework.

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