trussless roof​


Kavya Roofing Truss less Roof (Self Supported Roofing): Modern Curved/Arch Truss less Roof is a marvel of architecture and design proven to withstand various loads due to its unique profile and installation techniques. It is made of Galvalume material – the latest in metal roofing, without the need for any structural members. It’s the fastest roofing system available today, the fabrication of roofing panels and erection is carried out at site. It is Crimp curved, increasing the materials rigidity and life of the roof. The depth and cross corrugation with high thickness and quality material ensures superior strength.


The Trussless Roof is maintenance free and ensures long life

It offers protection to people, goods, machinery, hence it is best for warehouses

It is non-combustible and has higher tensile strength that gives it full protection against Fire, Earthquake and Hurricane like natural calamities

Truss less Roof Product Details
Minimum Order Quantity 5000 Square Feet
Dimensions (LxW)mm 60feet*100feet
Features High Tensile & Soft Material / CR
Tensile Strength Water Proof, Tamper Proof, Corrosion Resistant, Durable Coating
Manufacturing Technique Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled, Clear Glass
Material Steel / Stainless Steel
Surface Treatment Galvanised, Coated, Color Coated


The fasteners (screws/rivets) used to fix roofing, cladding sheets and the accessories, should be durable as much as the product itself. Screws used for attaching panels and trims to girt and purlins are confirming to Australian standard AS3566:2002.


High corrosion resistant coating.

Provides 4-6 times more durable than conventional galvanized fasteners.

Unique shank protection system minimizes damage to the protective coating on the screw.

Grip sheeting towards the seal to maximize water-proof ability.

Strong self tapping drill point and durable washer.

To maximize water tightness, always place roof screws with EPDM washers with shank guard through the crests.

For wall cladding, you may use either crest or valley fixing.