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We offer traditional and popular Tiled Roof Profile which is extensively used for constructing roofs of both residential and as well as commercials sectors. These offered Tiled Roof Profile, Corrugated Roof Sheets comes in precision designed and construction finish so as to perfectly match up with the different roofing requirements. Our customers can avail the products in varied customized sizes and quality products that are approved and made with cutting-edge technology under the vigilant-eyes of professionals.

These profiles are having unique features like Light in weight and a robust fixing method masks these materials effective against extreme weather conditions. It provides complete protection of building against heat, cold, and rain. Outstanding to its glossy finish, rugged design and high durability, offered sheet is extensively accepted and demanded in the market. Moreover, we are offering Tiled Roof at low prices to clients.

Material: Pre-painted (Zn/Al-Zn coated) Steel & Aluminum

Colors: As per RAL color/ our standard color chart

Effective Width: 950mm Strong and durable steel roof tile


Standing seam is normally used in the roof. The aluminum roofing can achieve various shapes and still the roof can be leak proof. It is also widely used for wall cladding because it gives a neat look. Standing seam roof can be used for very low slope as low as 1.5℃.

Standing seam is available in various sizes/profiles like SS 2000, MR- 24,65/400 by Kingspan, 32/320 by Vijaynath, etc. This standing seam is available mostly in Steel Galvalume by most of the vendors/manufactures and in aluminum by Kingspan.In steel, the thickness ranges from 0.60mm to 0.75mm and in Aluminium 0.9mm. In steel normally you use bare galvalume or SMP (Silicon Modified Polyester) PVDF 2 and in aluminum Stucco, PVDF 2 and 60µm durabond finish.

The Advantages of Standing Seam Roof

Design: In aluminum, you can achieve various shapes and is suitable for any kind of difficult roof design. Because of the seam height being more for e.g., 50mm or 65mm high you can achieve minimum low slopes till 1.5 degrees.

Waterproofing: because of the high seam and seaming of the sheets at the side laps by special seaming machine, you can achieve water tightness on the roof.

Sheet length: The specialty of standing seam is that the roll forming machine is always brought to the site and the sheets are roll formed at the site and we can achieve a maximum single length sheet. We have installed a single sheet length of 136mtr without any joints.

Strength: on a standing seam roof, the minimum thickness of steel should be 0.6mm thick and that of aluminum should be 0.9mm, which adds to the strength of the sheet.

Material: Pre-painted (Zn/Al-Zn coated) Steel & Aluminum

Colors: As per RAL color/ our standard color chart

Effective Width: 300mm to 600mm Strong and durable steel roof tile.

Challenges of Installation

Installation of a standing seam roof is very simple if you are technically trained. But for difficult shapes and design, to install, you need to have a well-trained engineer with a lot of experience.

Test to be Done to Have Sustainable Roof

The roof should be tested for:

Wind load test calculation report,

Thermal conductivity repots i.e. ‘U’ value calculation.

Acoustic insulation i.e. STC report

Water leakage test: on-site water leakage test
using water jet spray in India, lot of standing seam profiles are available, but none of them are tested & approved for wind uplift. Hence architects/consultants should specify sheet manufacturers who have special wind uplift test done like Underwriters Laboratories Inc., British Board of Agreement, International Standard Organization, and FM which clearly assures the client of a tested product from a reputed agency.

Tile Profile Material Specification

Pre-painted Galvanized / Galvalume Steel
Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Thickness (TCT) 0.30mm – 0.60mm
Metallic Coating Z 120 (total on both sides) Higher or lower coating optional.
Base Metal High Tensile & Soft Material / CR
Tensile Strength upto 300 MPa
Sheet Profile Width 1100 mm
Effective Cover Width 1000mm
Min. Roof Slope 15 Degree
Standard Sheet Length (*Sheet length in feet is an approximate value) 1830 mm (6 ft), 2440 mm (8 ft), 3050 mm (10 ft), 3660 mm (12 ft),4270 mm (14 ft), 4880 mm (16ft)
Pitch/ Steps 200 mm (Standard)150 mm, 250 mm (Optional*)

Tile Profile Roofing Sheets

Standing Seam Profile Roofing Sheets


Plain & Corrugated Galvanized Iron or steel (CGI) sheets are used for general roofing purposes.

Technical Specifications

Galvanized Steel Corrugated Sheets: Zinc coating thickness and method of galvanization are the most important factors for durability. CGI sheets are protected from corrosion by a zinc coating applied to the steel sheet.The zinc coating should be thick enough to ensure the durability of the CGI sheet by preventing corrosion. A 20 µm coat of zinc should be applied per side of the CGI sheet (total of 40µm for both sides of the CGI sheet equivalent to 275g/m²). This coating can be exceptionally lowered to 240g/m² when higher grade is not available. 

Galvanized Steel Plain Sheets: It is metal formed by an industrial process into thin, flat pieces. It is one of the fundamental forms used in metalworking and it can be cut and bent into a variety of shapes. The requirements of plain galvanized steel sheets and strips (coils)  shall conform to the IS 277: 2003. Galvanized steel sheets covered by this standard are intended to be used for purposes such as panelling, roofing, lock forming etc.

Usage: When purchasing Plain & CGI sheets to repair existing roofs, it is important to ensure that the pattern of corrugations is compatible, otherwise leakage may appear. You need to check the corrugation pitch and depth of the existing CGI sheets. In most cases, corrugation pitch is 76 mm and corrugation depth is 18 mm.

Plain & Corrugated Galvanized Sheets
Plain & Corrugated Galvanized Sheets Thickness (TCT) 0.25mm – 0.80mm
Metallic Coating Z 120 (total on both sides) Higher or lower coating optional.
Base Metal High Tensile / CR
Tensile Strength 240 – 550 MPa
Length (imperial system) 6ft (1.83 m), 8ft (2.44 m), 10ft (3.05 m) system
Thickness Tolerance As per ISI
Standard followed IS 277, ASTM 1397 / A755 / A792, JISG3321/3322
Service life (life expectancy) From 2 years in harsh environments (marine and industrial) to 18 years (rural environment)

Plain & Corrugated GI Sheets